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Thermoform is committed to helping you. We strive to have all the tools necessary at your disposal to help you achieve maximum success in your business. For you, expert in your field, Thermoform will provide samples, catalogs, color swatches, promotional material, at no additional cost to you.

Our five-piece PVC door was one of the first on the market. With more than 30 models, and over 60 colors available, we offer the biggest selection of pre-finished five-piece doors.

Acrylux, our high-end product, offers a perfect luster. We own the most technologically advanced flat- lamination line in North America, which permits us the fabrication of acrylux. Thanks to this new line, we've also been able to work on new products that we should present to you shortly...

Even if high-gloss PVC doors have always been present on the market, they've never been perfectly executed. Now, a beautiful high-gloss pre-finished door is available. We've worked on our production methods and have developed a process that offers one of the best high-gloss finishes on the market.

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In our efforts to continually be at the forefront of all new tendencies, we leave the door open to all suggestions pertaining to new colors, new products and new trends. Please contact us with your ideas.

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Please don't hesitate to request your samples via our designer/architect access.

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If you teach in a field related to the interior design/architecture, please contact us to know what help we can offer.

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Thermoform cares about the environment and contributes in protecting and respecting it. Thermoform carefully chooses suppliers adhering to the high standards of CARB (California Air Resources Board), standards regarded as the leading norm in the furniture and building industry.

A door is basically made of two main components: thermoplastic (PVC), for the aesthetic coating shell and MDF (pine fibre), for the core structure.

Thermoplastic (PVC), is a polymer compound manufactured without pollutant emissions, using a water-based adhesion process allowing for a manufacturing process that is also emission free. Thermoplastic can be recuperated and is 100% recyclable. The cut-out leftover pieces from the manufacturing process are bundled and sent to a recycling facility.

MDF is made of 100% recycled or salvaged wood particles, amalgamated using a preparation of resin, that can be urea formaldehyde free. This EPP (Environmentally Preferable Product) certified medium-density fiberboard is certified to respect the standards and requirements that allow for collecting LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) points and USGBC (US Green Building Council) environmental building credits.